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Hanuman Puja
Hanuman Puja

Hanuman Ji is the epitome of loyalty, courage and wisdom. Ask for his blessings with a pure heart and you will be filled with the will and determination to fight the odds of life by performing Hanuman Puja with Astro Guru ji’s help.

Get Your Love Back
Get Your Love Back

We are not all equipped to battle the war of a broken love relationship. We feel battered and broken once the love of our life takes a sudden exit from our lives. Get your love back with the help of the famous Indian Astrologer Astro Guru ji.

Family Disputes
Family Disputes Service

There is nothing more disheartening than losing the love, warmth, and respect of our family members. To lose their support even for a short span of time is unbearable. Bring your family astrology solutions family back together with the  by Astro Guru ji.

Remove Bad Luck
Remove Bad Luck

Are failures not leaving your side? Do you feel that your unlucky stars the reason for your delayed growth in life? Is disappointment your permanent companion? Turn your bad luck into good luck with Astro Guru ji.

Maha Laxmi Puja
Laxmi Mata Puja

Let the wave of prosperity, wealth and fortune wash away all your sorrows and adversities in life. Gratify the Goddess of Goodwill and good fortune, Maha Lakshmi by performing her Puja following the proper rituals with Astro Guru ji.

Divorce Problems

Are you not ready to leave your soul mate yet? Do you still feel that there is some hope for the two of you? Then stop your marriage from disintegrating with the astrology services by the famous astrologer Astro Guru ji.

Drinks/Drugs Addiction
Drink and Drugs Addiction

Don’t drown your life in the lure of alcohol and drugs. Let your organs have a breath of freshness. Detoxify your life and cleanse your body off the toxins with the assistance of the famous spiritual healer, Astro Guru ji

Jealousy and Curse
Jealousy Problems

Do you feel the aura of negativity and bad luck plaguing your life? Is someone trying to take some kind of revenge from you? Don’t let the shadow of jealousy and curse, curse your life too. Get rid of the jealousy curse with Astro Guru ji’s help.

Kali Mata Prayers
Kali Mata Pooja

No evil spirit can touch you. No demonic energies can harm your life and no negative forces of the black world can hamper your life with the divine blessings of the Maa Kali whose Puja Astro Guru ji can help you conduct.

Negative Energy Removal
Negative Energy Removal

Do you feel the constant weight of negativity and repulsive energies around you? Do you feel that negative energy is the reason behind your failure? Then get rid of the clouds of negativity with Astro Guru ji’s astrology solutions.

Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Healing Services

Cleanse your mind, body and soul. Let each part of your body rejuvenate and bask in the refreshment of divinity and spirituality with the state-of-the-art spiritual healing services from the famous Indian astrologer in Bangalore.

Business Consultation
Business Consultation

Are you planning to start your new business? Are you about to take an important managerial decision? Then make each step of your business auspicious with the help of the business astrologer solutions from Astro Guru ji.

Black Magic Removal
Black Magic Services

Insomnia, bad breath, seizures, sensitivity to light, anger, emotional imbalance, infertility, miscarriage, blindness, and bad body odor are all the symptoms of the Black Magic Spell. Get effective Black Magic Removal solutions from Astro Guru ji.

Palm Reading
Palm Reading Bangalore

Our entire life can be decoded by critically and carefully deciphering the lines of our palms, the size of our fingers, the shape of our thumb and the bents and curves of our hand. Let Astro Guruji help you read your palm and your future.

Health Problem
Health Problem

Bid farewell to prolonged illness and severe ailments that are plaguing your life with the health astrology solutions from the famous Indian Astrologer in Bangalore, Astro Guru ji. Call him now or book an appointment online.